I’m Westwood Sutherland, founder & owner of West’s Side Jerky, the world’s best beef jerky, and I recently graduated from High School in Southbury, CT. Now a Sophomore at University of Colorado, Boulder ('Sko Buffs!). Now I’ve always been a huge Jerky fan, but when I got the taste of homemade jerky I could never go back to the big brands. I started making my own when I was 14 and experimented with different cuts of meat and special marinades until I found the perfect recipe. My first flavor: The Original is hot, spicy and fantastic and at first I made it just for family and friends. When they tried it they told me it was good enough to be sold. So I started selling it.
I launched www.westssidejerky.com and started delivering Jerky from New England to California. Then in early 2017 I started selling it directly to customers at breweries, fairs, festivals and all types of local events. Since then I have added 2 new beef flavors: Teriyaki (more sweet than spice) and Hickory (classic smoky flavor) and now have several employees that help me deliver the best beef jerky you will ever have (Pork Tenderloin Jerky too!). The big difference: I use Flank Steak, a better cut of meat to deliver a better product.
Thanks for your support &
Welcome to West’s Side, you’ll never go back.

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Any Questions? Or do you want to sell my Jerky at your business store/brewery/gas station? Let me know.